Business – Maintaining an Active Account

Our platform offers exclusive opportunities to help your business increase sales and secure sustainable growth by ensuring that the promotions and special offers available to your customers have visibility and are easily accessible. Having a social first model, these fees are usually tiny.

We do however, expect that businesses which sign up continue to update the platform with their latest offerings to ensure that we do not incur costs of maintaining and securing our database if businesses sign up but there is inactivity on accounts. With that in mind, we do advise that should there be inactivity on an account over a lengthy period we reserve the right to close down such accounts.

What’s really awesome about the platform is that businesses have no restrictions or limits as far as how many promotions they can offer their potential customers. In fact, we encourage businesses to offer as many promotions as necessary and viable because in this competitive world, if one business doesn’t offer promotions to customers then another will certainly do which will only result in lost revenues. We encourage that your account reflects as much activity as possible so that it’s not deactivated.

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