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This is a valid concern but if the community does not band together, this will never change. Continuing to use all platforms available to you is wise. Using subscription based platforms exclusively is not.

With the entire community using PS, property hunters will only need to go on PS to search for what they are looking for. By banding together as a community, you collectively drive all the traffic and response to one platform.

This then allows you to save on ALL the subscriptions fees you are paying because you would not need to do this anymore. Let’s eradicate the bullying together!

Property-Sea caters for your real estate needs whether it’s rentals or purchases. What’s even better is that if you find an agent or property via our portal you also earn rewards!

Simply submit details of the property you purchase or rent, along with the agent’s contact details and upon verification we will send you a gift. Isn’t that fantastic? What are you waiting for – start exploring and reap your rewards now!


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As the saying goes, one good turn deserves another. At Property-Sea we devote our time and energy to making this portal the very best possible and we appreciate all the support you can give. Remember, Property-Sea is for you. It’s made to serve your needs and any proceeds we receive from you will only go into making the platform even better. It costs a lot of money to build, maintain and improve the portal so by all means, give as much as you please because the more you give, the faster we can also improve on functionality for your benefit. Help us help you.

I want to appear on top, I’m willing to pay. Just say how much?

All Property-Sea listings cannot be influenced or manipulated for any amount. What makes this portal unique is that our smart technology allows your listing to appear on top if it is the most relevant to the search. We pride ourselves in offering an alternative to the majority of platforms you find online which prioritize revenue streams over relevance.

What we advise our users is that you make sure your listing is as comprehensive as possible and you’ll be guaranteed the ideal potential customer will find you. This does not mean pasting 1, 000 words in every listing but rather, providing comprehensive details on that specific property you are advertising.

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